Women’s Press Club of New York State
2014 Scholarship

The Women’s Press Club of New York State Scholarship is awarded annually to a student or students who are residents of New York State and who are or will be enrolled full-time in a college or university located within New York in a communications-related field of study.

 Eligibility Requirements

Each scholarship applicant must be a matriculated, i.e. continuing, already-enrolled, college student who is pursuing a communications-related field of study at either a two-year or four-year college or university located in the state of New York. In addition, applicants must demonstrate:

  • Clear career goals
  • Academic achievement
  • Writing ability
  • Leadership skills

 Selection Process

  • All scholarship applications must be completed in full and submitted to The Women’s Press Club of New York State with a postmark of April 15 May 10, 2014 or earlier.
  • A committee formed by the Women’s Press Club of New York State will review all complete applications and determine the final recipient.
  • The scholarship recipient will receive a phone call on or before May 31, 2014 announcing that she/he has won the award.
  • The scholarship winner is strongly encouraged to attend the Women’s Press Club of New York State’s Annual Meeting.
  • This scholarship is open to anyone who meets the above criteria.

Completed applications will include the following:

  1.  An essay on the following topic:
    There’s more reporting of news stories today than ever before.  Between online media, social media, and the 24-hour news cycle, there is a constant race to report details first.  However, with the increased “quantity” of news, can also come decreased “quality” of reporting – as seen with some of the reporting errors made in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings.  If a major news story were to break on your college campus, how would you maintain journalistic news standards in your reporting, while dealing with the pressures of online media and the 24-hour news cycle?  Please also cite your use of social media in the reporting process.
  2. Two (2) letters of recommendation from faculty and/or employer.
  3. Resume (optional)
  4. A copy of the latest official transcript mailed directly by the College Registrar to:

Dori Marlin

Scholarship Committee Chair

Women’s Press Club of New York State Inc.

P.O. Box 13493

Albany, NY 12212-3493

Payment will be made in September 2014, after the Scholarship Committee has received official documentation of enrollment.

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